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About Styled 'n' Sold

Sandi Hofbauer

Sandi’s experience in the Real Estate Industry is in her genes. Growing up with a Father as a Realtor/ Investor, he flipped his own homes and moved his family yearly, making her a “Real Estate Brat” and a voice in the Interior Styling of the homes, which turned into her passion.


She founded her first Staging company in 2012, and has only had positive feedback, higher sale prices for the neighborhoods, and Happy Clients and Realtors.  She is currently on the board of the Toronto Chapter of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) serving as Secretary & Treasurer. She also serves as a member on the RESA National Planning Committee helping to create a higher standard of professionalism in the Home Staging Industry.


Sandi’s career has taken her into a secondary and complimentary path of Home Styling. Sellers have insisted on having her expert help after they have purchased their new homes. Her knowledge of design and her attention to detail has resonated beyond the Staging process. And so Styled ‘n’ Sold was created by demand of her clientele base.