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Home Staging Services


  1. Be prepared to spend up to 2 hours while we walk through your home and with our professional guidance, provide you with the best strategy to market your home.
  2. You’ll get advice on what to keep, what to remove and necessary repairs or upgrades.
  3. Measurements and photos will be taken for quote purposes.
  4. You’ll be provided a recommendation list to be completed by you and/or your chosen service people. Alternatively, we can provide you with referrals to our preferred service contractors.
  5. A quote will be prepared and provided to you for any further staging services.

Consultation Fee:
$250 up to 2 hours (Occupied Homes)
$150 (Vacant Homes)


  1. The Consultation: At first visit, measurements and photos will be taken. Your home will be inspected for any deficiencies. Recommendations will be made for repairs or upgrades.
  2. The Proposal: A quote is provided based on furnishings and accessories required to showcase your homes maximum potential. A one time fee for a 30 day agreement includes all rentals, design, delivery, set-up and removal. HST extra.
  3. Staging day: Delivery and Set-up of furnishings and accessories to create beautiful photos that will attract more viewings and potential buyers
  4. De-Staging (removal): Upon the firm sale of your home, all rentals will be removed by our team.

Vacant Staging fees start at $3000. Fees are based on location and square footage of your home.


Transform your interior space with your existing furniture. Or have us add some accessories to give your home those extra finishing touches.

  1. After our initial consultation, we either leave you to complete our recommendations or we can help you complete those recommendations using our fully trained and insured trades people.
  2. Staging day: Your home is now ready to get it’s final touch ups. This can be done with your existing contents or combined with some rentals if necessary.
  3. De-Staging (removal): Upon the firm sale of your home, all rentals will be removed by our team.

Occupied Staging fees start at $600 (rentals not included)