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Interior Styling

We’ll begin with a consultation. This entails a discussion with Sandi Hofbauer, lead stylist, to determine the appropriate and desired style, purpose, function, and budget for planning interior and exterior styling. During this consultation, I’ll demonstrate how my 15 step process will be used to get your project completed on time and on budget. You’ll also get valuable information and ideas on how to move forward on your project should you decide to complete it on your own.

Home Styling Consultation Fee:  $350 (2 hours)


From linens to lighting, we understand how to add value to your rental profit while increasing comfort for both you and your guests. No detail will go unnoticed.

  • Full home styling service allows your Airbnb to be turn-key ready.
  • Includes complete home styling, purchase, and installation of all furniture, artwork accessories, and necessary household items.

Home Styling Consultation Fee: $350 (2 hours)